Part One

Reflective Journal

Final Images - Co-create


Final Images - Co-create


Behind the scenes of final photoshoot


Shirt prints with my photos


13th of July


Today I carried out the photoshoot for the co-create project. As mentioned before, I asked my models to wear similar oversized black suits and the Marginal Tabi boots that they both have, as it can be seen from the image above. I had a lot of fun doing the photoshoot because the location was exactly what I wanted, which was a simple white space that kind of made me feel like I was in a loft. I directed the models on what to do as I was inspired by several references, regarding the poses but than I started telling them what to do myself because the place was very inspiring. After the photoshoot, I edited the pictures on photoshop and with my partner, we than decided to choose three of the best photographs to print on oversized men shirts. We arranged that, over the weekend, he was going to take care of the heat transfer paper and the printing and I would be focusing on the typography for our label and the editorial. 

11th of July

Today we went to Central Saint Martins to finally be assigned our inspirational object for the co-create brief. In the morning we carried out a library research and a library task which made us think about the number of ways we could be inspired by an object and how to carry out research on it and I found that very useful actually. Me and my partner were assigned two extracts of a 1914 newspaper titled 'The Suffragette'. I was extremely happy because this was a feminist publication and I consider myself to be, not an extremist but a feminist as well therefore I knew that I could get a lot from this. I actually had no idea about the suffragettes and the movement which made me feel quite ignorant but I was also happy because that way, I'd have the chance to learn and study something new and i enjoy history. I was very pleased with this discovery about the suffragettes so I went to the library and carried out research and everything I learnt made me really reflect a lot; not only about the actions that were done themselves but also about what I could possibly make as a final outcome with my partner because our initial idea had nothing to do with this whatsoever. Our initial idea was about childhood memories and nostalgia and to be honest I was happy that it changed. 

9th of July


The images above show the way that me and my partner displayed both of our objects using, on his part the body and on mine more the objects themselves. From these images I carried out some illustrative drawings using mixed materials and colours. I was to thinking about the restriction of the brief about using only black and white. This is because I wanted to be able to get inspired by the illustrations and start thinking about my work thinking about my partner's discipline i.e. menswear. 


6th of July

 Today I produced the final outcome for the drawing athletics short project. I wanted to create an outcome which involved the process of drawing with my eyes closed. I  wanted to do this because I realised that this process really triggered my visual memories. As I lived abroad many times, I wanted to make the project about this as it is something that makes me part of the person that I am therefore, I decided that I was going to remember all of the rooms that I lived in. I started by drawing with my eyes closed my room in Italy, in my childhood home, China, Brazil and finally Italy, my hometown, again. I found it very amusing to look at the drawings I created. They actually really looked like my rooms and the way the lines looked made me feel quite nostalgic somehow. I repeated the drawings but this time, with my eyes open. I did this because I wanted to see how the drawings would look different. These drawings were more detailed and looked more like rooms. I placed the 8 drawings in total, in the corner of the room; four on one side and four on the other. I placed them there because, in all of my rooms, I always had images sticked to my wall in that way therefore, I wanted to communicate this to the viewer. It was interesting to see the way my peers reacted. They stated that they could tell that it was rooms and that they liked the way I used the small hand written typography in the middle of the drawings. Overall, this project to me was a very nice experience and i really enjoyed the making of my outcome because it made me feel connected to my past. 

5th of July Imagery and Documentation


5th of July

Today we were introduced to the two day project 'Drawing Athletics'. I was excited to be able to approach drawing in different and unconventional ways. I carried out the drawing exercises and whilst doing them, I realised it was very liberating to draw completely out of imagination. I enjoyed drawing without my hands, I used my mouth. I felt that it was challenging but in a pleasing way because what I was drawing was not totally horrible. The technique which I think I made most out of was drawing with my eyes closed. It really triggered my memory and I could visually picture in my mind what I was drawing which gave me a sense of peace. For this reason, I decided at the end of the day, to develop my final outcome using this technique. 

4th of July - Contextual Practice


Introduction to Pecha Kucha presentation.

The exercise above really made me think. In a way, it was challenging to start from asking myself why I do what I do rather than answering what I actually do. However it was interesting to carry out this process because in the end the answers were more precise. For me, it was harder to write my manifestos because I realised when we were told to write them down, that I either had none or too many and that actually made me realise that I should make one and follow it precisely but I believe it is too early for me to do this. 

2nd of July



These images and small poem I wrote came to me as a source of inspiration for the hand made project. Due to the unluckiness that I find myself struggling myself with every time I am at the airport, therefore every time I have to leave my hometown, I decided to use this as part of the experimentation of the hand made project. I wrote a poem on the flight after feeling so much frustration. I feel that these feelings can crete some of my best pieces of work. I'd like to develop poetry more in my work because it reflects my emotions in a unilateral way and it allows me to express myself using beautiful words and using metaphors. 




Celebrating Archway Final Outcome


29th of June

Today, I carried out my work for the Archway celebration brief. I had to finalise my visualisations and as we were working on the hand made brief, I took the opportunity to use one of the workshops in the benefit of my final outcome. As my final outcome was to be the design for the sustainable packaging by Postler Ferguson, I played with three dimensionality. I did not want to focus on the form, structure of the packaging as that is not my area but I wanted to give my visual imagery that I had created as designs for the bag a real look. To do this, I used the plastic vacuum in the wood and plastic workshop. I took two large pieces of transparent plastic and in the vacuum former I put a three dimensional round rectangular form and added a piece of lingerie cloth to give it an interesting texture; as if it was a plastic bag in use but still in the form of a packing. I was inspired by the form of Postler Ferguson but I did not manage to create one that was exactly the same as his. After having done that, I was quite pleased with the result as I could now place in the two plastic forms whatever visual piece I would make therefore, I started experimenting.  I firstly placed the two images that I had pre piously presented in the critique as my development. I wrapped the pieces of paper so that it would look like they were the surfaces of the plastic bags. I took photographs of this in many different angles, using a very natural and beautiful light from the sun. The photographs showed the texture that I wanted perfectly therefore, I decided to use these photographs as part of my final outcome poster. I did not want to use the 3D plastic package as a final outcome to be exhibited because, I thought that it was not professional enough but I made it look professional using photography and that is why I only ended up using that. I created graphic posters as my final outcome. The audience would be anyone who would want to go buy the fish in the local shop and the aim would be to raise awareness about pollution in the ocean so the message is to not use plastic in order to have better fish. After taking many shots of the packaging with the imagery I had created with my illustrations, I started playing with those visuals on photoshop to emphasise my concepts. I wanted to focus on sustainability and go against pollution. To do this, I edited the photographs and selected the best ones as two different pieces. The first illustration/imagery contained grey and blue in it so, I created a round edged form, to recall the movement of acid liquids (which are polluters) when in the ocean, half covering the photographs and the A3 poster itself with a matching grey colour. The parts where the grey colour touches upon the pictures, I edited the photographs with some visual effects to emphasise the way that with pollution the fish is different or unhealthy and bad because on the parts without the grey it looks natural as it is shown in the original photographs that i took with sunlight. The other illustration/imagery contained yellow and pink so this time, i created a dark pink/red form on top of the pictures and i think this one was more successful because the colour is stronger and that makes the effect on the fish visually more interesting to me. I printed out the posters in A3 but i did not add any typography therefore as I need to communicate as strongly as I can I will need to develop this but I am not certain how I will do this so I will ask around to my peers and tutors to give me valuable feedback and I will take in in consideration. I like what I have created so far and it has been challenging for me to work in this way but I believe my work is not fully finalised.



26th of June


These prints are my favourite out of all the ones I produced because, to me they represent my concept in quite a strong visual language. The face is abstract - it does not necessarily even look like one and the gender of the person is unknown. The face started as a an abstract expression with a tired and "depressed" look that I emphasised using green and blue to create the eye bags of the unknown face. I then started to print the face again and adding colour over the eyes to cover them. I did this to represent that death is everywhere and it will eventually "catch us" and it progressively gets bigger meaning that I, along with the people surrounding me, progressively become more aware of it. 

26th of June


Today I took part in the printing workshop for the whole day, including morning and afternoon. I learnt a new technique that I enjoyed from the first experiment that I did as I really liked the fact that you could create compositions in so many different ways. For this reason, I just started experimenting using different techniques, tools, colours, words, papers etc. Overall I was quite productive and the outcomes I produced were quite successful. I wanted to express the feeling of desperation and realisation that death exists in quite abstract ways. 


25th of June


Today was the first day of our third project 'Hand Made'. The starting point was to get inspiration from looking at and into newspapers. I was really happy about that because, I am really interested in working with materials from the outside world. Additionally, I like using newspaper as a backdrop for my illustrations, as I did in my previous project, because it is an organic material that gives my visuals an unconventional appearance. My inspiration from the newspaper came from the heading 'The Art of Not Falling Apart' and this directed my concept and formation of ideas to go into a dark path that I wanted to explore, because I never did before and I feel that I am becoming more aware of death and the people who surround me are constantly thinking about it, so it influenced me in a way. I was in the first group for the plaster workshop therefore I just explored different techniques without really thinking about my concept but I felt that it was really experimental and liberating to work in that way. My favourite thing was working with plastic. The orange image shows a mistake that turned out to create a beautiful texture and the yellow image shows the inside of the plastic vacuumed form which was also really beautiful to look at. 


21st of June


visual communication of my concept 


visualisation of final outcome

18th and 20th of June

Today was the first day of presenting our sketchbooks to our subject area groups in which we would present the work we had made so far for the Celebration of Archway brief. The aim was to have 5 positive assets of our location by today and to than be able to discuss in our groups and move forward with our ideas. When I went to my location i.e. Archway fresh fish and sea food, I found that the five positive assets were: 

  • friendly/open management and shop keepers
  • environment is cozy - you can tell that it is taken care of 
  • eye capturing decoration - the tiles on the wall resemble the movement of the ocean with small illustrations of sea food
  • logo of the shop is well made and the colours are well chosen

During the discussion I realised that my group, which all included people doing graphic design and visual media/illustration, all had different ways of approaching the project. I understood that some were following what the brief stated strictly and some others, similar to me, wanted to make the project more personal.

My perspective on the project changed a bit as I started thinking that the final outcome I had to create had to be for the promotion of the shop. As mentioned before, I could take out the positive assets from my location but, I wanted to focus on the negativity that I saw in the vulnerability of the fish expression which made me think of death. As I had to work with what was around me, I decided to base my project on pollution. 

In terms of graphic design, I believe that I work in an unconventional way because I do not have much experience in creating graphic design outcomes such as logos, branding, typographic posters. I feel that I work in a rather visual way and that my communication comes across my imagery. For this project, I felt that I had to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone therefore, I started putting myself in a mentality that would make me think like I never did before. I started thinking about more general issues of the world rather than focusing on my emotions or my opinions and in this case I thought about sustainability as a consequence of ocean pollution. I started thinking of ways to take out the plastic bag of the fish shop and turn it into an innovative and sustainable packaging. I than realised that I was struggling because, I was trying to come up with a packaging idea but a tutor than made me realise that I am not a product designer. I could simply research sustainable packaging designs thatI liked and than focus on the graphic communication that would than cover that so I did that and started experimenting with what I would than design. 


13th of June


Final Images - Co-create


Final Images - Co-create


16th and 17th of July

Today me and my co-create partner worked together to finish our project. We printed the final images on the shirts and they had a very 'worn out' look to them which we liked a lot. We customised the shirts by deconstructing them and we were very much inspired by Maison Margiela. It is important to state that I am not a fashion student and that my partner viewed me as a leader therefore, as he is doing fashion, I took lead in the work which may not be concluded as a professional fashion garment. I was very much focusing on fashion communication and the concept behind what we were doing and the visuals that I was going to create. Finally, after having our garments ready, I took another photoshoot to present the garments. I choose three female models because I wanted to emphasise the fact that this "mini collection" was dedicated to the suffragettes, which was also the name of our label. I told the models to wear oversized black trousers and boots, possibly high heeled black boots. In the photoshoot, as part of the garments and outfits, I decided to add on one of the models a headpiece, just like in Maison Margiela's first collection fashion show in Paris in 1989. Overall in my opinion, the photographs turned out to look very powerful and i was happy to have them critiqued by my peers. After the critique, I realised that I really had to think weather the final outcome to be displayed at King's Cross was going to be a mixture of the photographs I took, along with the garments, or weather I was going to develop the photographs further into an editorial or a publication.

Testing out final garments


Tests and labels


Co-Create Object


9th of July (drawing from imagery)


9th of July

Today we were given the project 6 Co-Create brief and we were put in our partners. My partner is doing menswear therefore I am very excited to be working with him because I am quite interested in fashion itself therefore I know that I might be working with fashion communication. We carried out the given tasks and it was quite interesting to see how our thinking processes were very different for example; when we had all of our objects laying on the table we had to find creative ways of displaying them somehow and the way we thought of displaying them was completely different. I realised that my partner thought using the body as a base and I thought using the objects themselves as a base. The ideas we came up together are quite exciting. We came up with six different ideas (keeping in mind that our colour palette had to be monochrome): 

  • editorial
  • fabric print
  • runway show 
  • fashion illustrations
  • mannequin's design
  • a garment which includes a publication or a garment made of a publication 

Drawing Athletics (short project) Final Outcome


29th of June

Today was the day of the group discussion/tutorial regarding the hand made brief. As I wanted to receive a helpful feedback I came quite prepared so that my work could be assessed properly. With my experimental work that I had done so far, I was inspired mainly by the phrase found in the newspaper ‘the art of not falling apart’ and my tutor and peers responded that to them it sounded as quite a positive and optimistic statement rather than a negative one, which is the interpretation that I had given to it. I understood perfectly where they were coming from once I realised what they meant but I explained my way of interpreting it. This was that at the moment, I believe that there are so many negative emotions that one can feel in their life, such as fear, shame, heartbreak, awareness of death (all gotten from newspaper), that not falling apart is almost inevitable therefore it becomes a sort of art, an ambition and a challenge.

Additionally, the work that I have produced which brought up the most attention as well as questions, were the faces I had created in the printing workshop inspired by Basquiat. It was asked why I had used such bright colours as the emotion I wanted to represent was desperation and just feeling completely lost which may relate to darker colours as it is quite sad emotions. I explained that I wanted to create a contrast to emphasise the features of the face as if they were almost exploding so that they create these beautiful colours. Additionally, one of the words that really inspired me that I got from the newspapers was ‘electric dreams’. In a way, the faces were a response to that word. Dreams are not our reality and the faces I created do not look real and to me the word electric dream reminds me of a visual, mental, emotional “trip” therefore, it is almost like an unreal reality.

28th of June

Today we were given an induction on how to write reflections and research files and the purpose of doing both of these things. I had already got the hang of writing about my work and about artist references however, the idea that the our thinking process is basically the most important factor that has to be shown in the reflections and research files was very emphasised and this made me understand that I should focus and base my writing on that. Additionally, today we were given the Pacha Kucha brief and the project itself really made me think about what I do why and how as that was the whole point. I am really excited to be able to create a visual essay that will challenge me because I know that I need to figure out and understand better the reasons why I am doing graphic design and if it is really the best and suitable option for me. 

27th of June

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 12.00.10.png

Today I went to the computer workshop and experimented with film and photography as well as poetry. I learnt how to use premiere and I found it very complex and that is why the short film I produced was not one of the best outcomes I made. 

This image is composed by two screenshots from the short clips that I directed myself to than create a short film based on 'the art of not falling apart'. 



Group tutorial feedback


Starting point for 'hand made' brief


14th of June

Today we had our first group crit. I felt engaged in it as I was responding to a lot of the work that my peers had made. The verbal feedback that I received when my self portrait was displayed was overall successful because when it came up I felt that it was quite impactful as it made many people think what my message could have been. Some stated that the photograph dealt with gender identity and being androgynous; it was said that in the picture my face could have been seen as one of a man or a woman.When I heard that I was quite surprised because that was not my aim but at the moment, I am actually very interested in androgyny as well as gender identity therefore,  I enjoy the fact that it came out naturally in my work to some of the viewers. However, by the feedback I received I could tell that my message of desire for independence did not come out as strong as I wished because only one person stated that to their eyes, it dealt with:

  • responsibilities
  • being over warmed
  • liberation                                                                                                                                                                

We were than given the task to find different locations and ways to display our self portrait. I displayed it on a pillar as if it was a sculpture, on a light so that the light effect would emphasise the details of the photographs, in the corner of a wall to play with the angles, on my face as pieces that reformed the picture together, experimented with wrapping it and scanning it while wrapping it and than displaying it on the wall as a different piece. 

Self-portrait experimentation II


Self-portrait experimentation II


experimentation with the scanner, wrapping my final portrait to make it become something else.

the action of wrapping recalls to seeking independence.  

14th of June